Why We Invested in Lola Olivia

Why We Invested in Lola Olivia
Article by
Jeremy Horowitz
Article Date
February 3, 2023
December 31, 2021

We’re excited to announce the second brand the Igniterate Fund has Invested in Lola Olivia.

The problem the company is addressing:

Body dysmorphia among Teenagers is on the rise in the US [NIH], and the hypersexualization of teenagers in undergarment marketing is a considerable contributor to this rising issue. Combing the difficulty of determining how to buy your first undergarment (bra, binder) plus the fact that most young teenagers are determining their gender and sexual identity makes buying their first bra a difficult and potentially traumatizing experience.


Lola Olivia is building a line of intimate apparel for young adults who are looking for appropriate, inclusive undergarments that provide the flexibility to adapt to young teenagers' bodies and identities as they develop. Starting with bras and binders Lola Olivia is tackling one of the hardest apparel purchases in a person’s life, buying their first bra.

Why We Invested:

No one is happy with the bra shopping experience, especially when buying their first bra. It’s a difficult, awkward experience for both teenagers and parents. After Jody’s horrific bra shopping experience with her daughter, and discovering that other teenagers were buying sports bras, or using compression bands, she became determined to use her 20+ years of experience in the NYC fashion industry to improve this experience for both teenagers and parents.

As a mom, Jody brings not only her extensive knowledge and connections in the Fashion industry but also knows how to bridge the gap between parents and teenagers to build an enjoyable undergarment buying experience for gender fluid teenagers.


Creating positive self-images for teenagers comes down to providing the proper undergarments and images that make them feel comfortable in their bodies every day. The Lola Olivia community will provide an inclusive environment for young teenagers to develop the identities and self-confidence they deserve to have.