We Invest Because

What if a company was built to solve the greatest social problems we face today? And be profitable?

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Years of experience

Our mission

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Support entrepreneurs launching and scaling the next generation of Social Impact eCommerce businesses. We’re constantly on the lookout for brands that will change how we live, and technologies to support our portfolio of brands.

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The story behind our Fund


Investing in and supporting leading commerce companies shaped by today's most important issues: sustainability, diversity and environmental preservation and rehabilitation.


Made our first 2 investments in companies with missions we really believed in. From those 2 checks our strategy became reality and the Fund was born.


Exited our previous eCommerce businesses (2 SaaS and 1 Marketplace) and decided we wanted to do good with our wins. We began to look for a way to invest in people and companies that aligned with our personal ideals and visions.

Our offices

Research Triangle Park


600 Park Offices Dr, Suite 300
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
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