Why We Invested in Miravel

Why We Invested in Miravel
Article by
Jeremy Horowitz
Article Date
February 3, 2023
January 2, 2022

We’re excited to announce the third brand we are investing in through the Igniterate Social Impact Fund, Miravel.

The problem the company is addressing:

Industrial fruit and vegetable production is significantly less nutritious than produce from 1–2 generations ago (Scientific American). Customers want to reduce their reliance on the industrial agricultural complex and their carbon footprint, but growing plants in their urban/suburban environment is hard and time-consuming. Most people who live in cities and suburbs don’t have the space to properly grow their own produce.


Miravel is building a complete hydroponic system for apartments and homeowners that is a beautiful statement piece of their home. By producing everything from the wall mount to the LED lights to the seed pods, Miravel provides the complete kits consumers need to grow produce inside their home, other than electricity and water.

Why We Invested:

Consumers want continually fresher produce that has a smaller environmental impact. For space-conscious consumers who live in urban and suburban areas, becoming self-sustainable is primarily a real estate challenge. Miravel is providing beautiful, space-efficient options for anyone to grow their own produce.


Providing Urban and Suburban residents with the system to grow their own produce will provide healthy, more nutritious food that removes the environmental harm of industrial agriculture and the grocery supply chain.

We expect to see multiple layers of impact:

  1. Improving the nutritional value of the produce Miravel customers make.
  2. Reduced carbon emissions from removing transportation from source to consumption.